November 8, 2017


So, I was just called to be a district leader and a trainer. That is definitely a lot, and definitely exciting. In addition my area was spilt, so I’m now only serving in the YSA Stake and I’m not longer serving in the Providence South Stake.  In a sense I have been transferred but not transferred. I am moving apartments though—going to going to a 4 man apartment. Elder Lowe is staying in the Providence South Stake, and he is now a senior companion.

This last transfer (past six weeks) has been the best transfer of my mission. Elder Lowe is such a great missionary, and it’s been amazing to work with him. It has been cool to see Elder Lowe grow, he was already a really good missionary when he came out, but now he is an even better missionary. And I’ve learned a lot this transfer too.  I feel confident in my understanding of doctrine. I have been diving into the Book of Mormon these last transfers and as I was reading in 3 Nephi I could just feel the power of Jesus Christ’s words; I learned so much from it.

General Conference also made a huge difference in my life. Listening to the words of the modern prophets was amazing because I saw how what they said applies to me, and those I serve.  The things I learned in General Conference has still stuck with me and I can definitely say I am a changed man.

I’ve also seen the power of God in motion in my life this transfer.  I have seen so many prayers answered I can’t list them all.  I have seen the Holy Ghost fill my mouth and guide my thoughts.  I’ve seen people feel the Holy Ghost; I’ve seen changes in so many people around me. And I seen the Holy Ghost fill me and others with joy, despite the trials of this world.  I know that pure joy comes from the gospel. I can’t dispute it—it it is real.

And I’m a bit nervous about what lies ahead for my mission and my life. I not sure if I will ever not be nervous or worried about the future. But God had lead me in the past, so I know He can lead me in the future, and that knowledge brings me hope.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love y’all, have a great week,

Regards from Elder Brown.



Sunset in Cache Valley



November 13, 2017

This has been the first week of a new transfer.  And despite not actually having moved areas so many things have changed and it feels totally different.  We have moved apartments and are now living with another set of missionaries. I have a new companion and I called to be a district leader.  But I’m still in YSA, I still have the same Zone leaders and I still got a car.  It’s like everything was recreated and made new again. Not much else to add this week.

Regards from Elder Brown.



Me and President Monson


November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving is this week. That’s exciting, at least for me.  I absolutely love the food during thanksgiving.  But we are part of a YSA Stake so it will be interesting how Thanksgiving works for college students.  I’d imagine that many of them go back home for holiday.

It is also interesting to see how it effects the work in the area.  We have a bunch of lessons set up next week, since so many people are getting back in town next week.  After thanksgiving we will get an extra busy week, which is awesome.

Also, we got to watch the Face to Face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard. One of our recent converts actually got to go up to the event and watch it live.  I learned so much from that and felt the spirit strongly.

Regards from Elder Brown.



At my battle station