Not So Scary–Answer, Invite, Serve


October 30, 2017

A lot happened this week, but since most of it was works in development, so it’s hard to talk about without a milestone in these stories yet. One really cool thing is that Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came to our mission. He spoke to us and gave us a lot of training.  So, I got a lot of great notes from that. He talked a bit about the sacrament and teaching. It was all really good.

He also talked about member missionary work. One thing he said is that members are often scared of doing missionary work, and that it is often because of misconceptions.  This of course is a classic trick from Satan, he lies to make missionary work seem harder than it is. Let me clear some stuff up. It is fairly simple and straight forward.

First—Answer. People worry that they have to teach people like missionaries do, as in they’ll have to teach them all the doctrine taught in the missionary lesson.  Or they’ll worry they can’t teach any gospel principle outside of the missionary lesson. While there are some sacred things which we don’t talk about all in great detail, all we really have to do is just answer their questions, whatever those questions might be and the best we know how. We don’t even have to knock in their door and say would you like to know more about my church.  Just answer questions leave the teaching to the full-time Missionaries

Second–Invite. God allows all people chose for themselves; but they can’t choose if they do not have a choice placed before them. Inviting people to church, or to have missionary lessons, or to a ward activity, or a family home evening gives them the ability to exercise their agency. They might say no, but that doesn’t matter. Respect their decision and keep answering questions.  If another opportunity arises, great.

Third–Serve.  Go out of your way to make the lives of others better. This means being an example and demonstrating what Christ-like love is. As people feel your love they’ll feel their saviors love, and feeling the love of Christ enables them to use their agency and make a choice. But service also helps us feel the Savior love, we feel our Heavenly Fathers appreciation for the service we do for his children, so if nothing else service draws us nearer to Christ and Heavenly Father.

This week I have been able to see the examples of many member missionaries going out of their way to answer friends questions, to invite others to come to church or take the discussion, and to serve their friends and family.  It has been Truly inspiring to see the courageous efforts of others. And guess what, people didn’t always say yes. And nobody lost any friends over it.  And they seemed a lot happier.

The Lord has promises us great joy and greater receptiveness to the Holy Ghost as we make efforts in missionary work.  I have seen them in my life.  Please seek after these blessings yourself, they have made a big difference in my life.

Regards from Elder Brown.


One thought on “Not So Scary–Answer, Invite, Serve

  1. I like this, breaks it down and reminds us of Satan’s tactics, I have a lot of missionary work I can do here in Gilbert, happy halloween everyone


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