Mom’s Famous Seven Layer Dip



Elder Brown (me) in front of the Logan Temple


September 27, 2017


We had transfers week (which is why this email is being sent on Wednesday not Monday).  I am still in the Providence YSA and Providence South Stakes, and I’m still with Elder Lowe. But this transfer has been crazy. We have twenty-eight new missionaries coming in today, and only four leaving. And we just found out that a ton of the missionaries coming in are sisters, so most of the sisters are training. There are also a ton of odd things happing with the leadership because there is such a need for trainers.

This week I met two returned missionaries who served in Chapel Hill (I don’t remember their names), so that was awesome. One of them actually remembered eating at our house, and she remembered Mom’s “Famous” 7-layer Dip.

And the work is going really well.  We just found somebody super prepared this week and we put him on date.  Interesting he has a super busy schedule so Facebook has been essential for working with him.

And I’m finally not driving again.  Yay!!!

Regards from Elder Brown.


The Cache Valley South Zone


What the Cache Valley South Zone is really like.



The Past Month



Elder Lowe and I after sharing a gospel message. 


August 28, 2017

This week has been successful and we worked really hard. People just didn’t answer their doors.  But that’s okay, we’ll catch them eventually. Also Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming to our YSA Stake. That is going to be awesome.

This is going to be a short email, so I’ll include something we are doing with our YSA Stake. The thing we are doing is Social Media. God has brought forth Social Media in this day in age.  And it has a lot of fantastic positives, and has been a good force in the world. It also has negative effects that should not be overlooked. A few examples are: wasting time, disconnections from reality, and comparisons.  But still there is a lot of good that comes from social media.

One of those good things is sharing the Gospel. We can share inspirational messages that can help people realize the goodness of the Gospel.  There are many ways we can share the Gospel, but I’ll just share one method. The Church has given us many sources of spiritual and educational inspiration: such as, Gospel Library,, the Scriptures and the social media accounts of the Church.  When we sincerely study these resources the Holy Ghost can impress us. Think of Joseph Smith, when he read James 1:5 he was struck by the passage and as he acted on it a miracle happened. What I’m getting at is that when we have impressions with the resources that I mentioned we should share what we experienced (unless they are super personal) on social media. As we share genuine experiences with the scriptures and other resources we will add more positivity to social media and we will help other people judge for themselves if the Gospel is good.

Regards from Elder Brown. 

Sept 4, 2017

How would I describe this week?  I would say it has been a full week, filled with a full spectrum of what life on Earth can offer. I’m saddened by the passing of my wonderful Grandmother Joyce Kepas. But I feel that she is in a better place now.

Elder Rasband came to our YSA Stake for stake conference, he still has one more meeting this next Sunday but being in the presence of a member of the Quorum of the Twelve and being able to hear him speak has definitely strengthened my testimony of living prophets in these days. However, I’m now 2 for 2 in awkward experiences with members of the Quorum of the Twelve.  But I’ll save that story for after my mission.

One thing that Elder Rasband said was about all the evils in our day.  He said that we live in the last days, and there are many prophesied evils that are spoken of frequently in the scriptures about our day.  Many people ask in this day and age, how am I supposed to raise a family with all the evil around us? Elder Rasband’s answer really inspired me.  He said that there are a lot of promises for the Saints of our day as well.  And because we live in the last days all the promises God makes us will be fulfilled in our day.

All the bad things that happen is proof that the promises of God are near, that God is real and that he is mindful of us.  It also means that we have a tremendous responsibility in these days.

And the work in the YSA really took off this week.  I’m very happy with how things are going in the work.  I’m excited for the future of this area.

Regards from Elder Brown.

 Sept 11, 2017

So, a major change has happened with missionary work across the country.  Every mission is beginning to use online proselytizing—meaning we are going to use Facebook and messenger to communicate with converts.  One thing really cool is with our mission president’s permission we can teach friends and family, or (friends of family?) from over the internet.  Also, everybody can friend me on Facebook, so that’s awesome.

But we don’t have it yet, so next week I’ll tell you more. Also the prophets have begun to overhaul Preach My Gospel.  Chapter 8 was just replaced, and they are still working on more.  I don’t know exactly how it’ll change, but it excites me.  I love Preach My Gospel and I’m excited to see more revelation be added.

As for the work here things are going really good, we are finding people.  Elder Lowe is gaining a lot of experience really quickly.

Regards from Elder Brown.

 Sept 18, 2017

It’s a great day to be a missionary.  Well it’s always a been a great day to be a missionary, but today the Lord has done so much to advance the work of salvation: for example, Preach My Gospel, and Online proselytizing has dramatically changed missionary work.  These things have also dramatically changed Missionaries.

Sister Bednar just recently taught about being a strong link between the generations, and about how much good just one person who stays strong in the gospel will do for the children of Heavenly Father.  This talk alongside the new resources in Missionary Work has gotten me thinking about how my mission has really strengthen us.

Missions can be really hard, but they can be very fulfilling.  Many other things are that way, but missions are special because of two things: One, a high standard of obedience, in which success is absolutely conditional in obedience; and two, a purpose greater than ourselves. Missions also build discipline, which is an extremely useful skill in life. It builds unwavering faith, needed to overcome temptations.  It builds courage. And now because of online proselytizing it builds skills in controlling technology.

Missions are awesome.  I know that they are worth all the sweat and tears.

Regards from Elder Brown.