Dear Grandma



July 24, 2017

Dear Grandma,

It was great to read your letter. You and grandpa have always had a major impact on my life.  The memories that I can remember the most are the ones we made while visiting you and grandfather. I want you to know I love you.

My mother has been such a huge blessing in my life, and I know it is because how you raised her.  I remember as a little kid my mother telling me her spiritual experiences she had as a kid, the ones that defined her love of God.  When I was growing up my mother testimony made me love the gospel.

But as I grew older I have had to stand on my own two feet.  As a teenager, I forgot many of the stories my mother told me.  But those visits we made to see you helped me focus, helped me see the bigger picture than just my own life. I would honestly say more than anything I would not be on a mission right now if it wasn’t for you and grandfather.  How much the gospel meant to you, and how much righteousness means to you sunk deep into my soul and eventually filled me with a desire to know God.

Well, now that I’ve been out on a mission for a year I can say I know God.  And more than that I know why I want to be righteous, why I want to live the gospel.  Not for social reasons, but because I love God, and Jesus Christ who he has sent.  And I’m trying to do anything they ask me to do.  I know I’m not always perfect, but I know I am better off than I was before.

We Missionaries stand on the front line of that war that was fought in Heaven; but just like the 2000 stripping warriors, we have been taught by our mothers and our grandmothers, and what they know we know.

Love, from your grandson, Elder Alexander Brown.


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