Treasures In Heaven


I am at Cinnamon Creek Campground, at the outmost edge of our mission, at the Fathers and Sons campout. Wish you were here, Dad.


May 29th, 2017

Hey Dad, I got your email. Thanks for the advice on making habits.

You asked a question you asked last week, “Why do the wicked prosper?” [Editor’s Note: Alex has asked us to ask him gospel related questions. If you have a question you would like him to answer, please send him an email.]

I think another way of looking at that question is—why don’t the righteous do better in life?

First off, the answer is not that riches are evil, and it’s not that there is no God. But both of those responses don’t look at the big picture. The answer is simple, the righteous lay-up riches in heaven more than they lay up riches on earth.

The things we have here will all disappear one day. But those things we seal up on heaven last forever. Christ didn’t say, follow me and I’ll make you rich beyond belief: rather, he said follow me and I will give you eternal life.

We follow Christ so we can have eternal life. Satan wants us to trade our integrity, faith, family, etc. for the riches of the world. Whereas Christ says seek first the kingdom of heaven and all those things will be added unto us. Abraham was a very wealthy man. Yet we hardly remember him for being rich; we remember him for the covenant that God made with him. God didn’t make the covenant with Abraham because he was rich, but because Abraham had integrity, faith, loyalty, and other Christ-like virtues.

And honestly, God is far more concerned with who we become than with what we have. Like with Job who was very wealthy and a righteous man, but God took it all away. And why did God take it all away? To try Job and build his faith even more. And at the end of the day Job had more than what he started with. Imagine the reward Job had in Heaven, the reward he had in heaven must be far greater than the reward he had on earth.

Long story short. The righteous have everything they need, for now and for eternity.

Regards from Elder Brown.

More pics:


Kinda looks like North Carolina!



Cinnamon Creek


Me in my new short-sleeved shirt. Thanks Mom!


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