A Busy Week

May 1, 2016

We had a very packed week this week; but it didn’t start that way.  The beginning of the week was fairly normal–we had meetings and were looking for work (people to teach or serve). But as the week progressed things got hectic. The District leaders wanted to go on exchanges with us (which means one of us goes to their area, and one of them comes to our area).  But the day they wanted to do the exchange was the day the Zone leaders also wanted to do an exchange with us.  So, we pushed back the Zone leaders to Saturday and went on exchange with the district leader.

Afterwards, we taught a lesson with a young girl named Hadley who is going to be baptized soon.  We found out they are quite booked as well, and we scheduled the rest of the lessons we were going to teach that day.  But something came up in their family so we have no idea when we are going to be able to teach those lessons.

Also this week a recent convert named Trinity got back into town so we were able to teach her  We set up a lesson; but we thought it was with Hadley.  Fortunately, the grandfather caught us as we were working that day, and told us we had the lesson setup with Trinity.  We taught her a lesson on the plan of salvation.

We also had three parties this week.  We could only get to two parties, and I was exchanged away for one of them, but it was a way to meet people and get to know our community.

Sunday was insane.  We gave two talks, one presentation, and attended one of the parties.  And everything was on opposite sides of the stake.  We had to drive so much on Sunday, which looking back on it was really ironic.

But that was my week.

Regards from Elder Brown

Fielding 9


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