El Doggo Tres



Me and El Doggo Tres


April 24, 2017

Hello from Fielding,

This week not a lot has happened in terms of missionary work, but things are moving along.

It rained a lot this week; and everywhere we go you can almost hear the internal screams of all the people, as they scream “we don’t need any more rain!”  What makes it worse is that the it is a really cold rain.  So, when we work out in it we get wet and we get cold.

I have a funny story this week.  We get followed by dogs a lot out here. One of the in-jokes Elder Passey and I have when this happens is that we call this random missionary-following dog El Doggo (because who wouldn’t name a dog El Doggo).  This week we had another El Doggo follow us; but, this one was a bit different. This El Doggo only had three legs. It sort of bunny hopped after us. Naturally, we named this dog El Doggo Tres.  When we knocked on the first house on that street, we asked if the dog was theirs and they said yes. Great! We found El Doggo Tres’ home. That would be the end of Tres’ following us. But no! After we left that house the dog still followed us, house after house, mile after mile.  We even went back home and guess what El Doggo Tres doggedly followed us there as well.  We left it outside our place, figuring that the dog would be able to find its way. Well he next morning we awoke and we found El Doggo Tres still waiting outside where we’d left him. For the next half hour we struggled to lure it back home before giving up on that idea. Instead, we put him in our car and drove him home. (Thankfully, we knew where that was).

That’s all this week.

Regards from Elder Brown.


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