Conference, Floods and Farm Animals

Fielding 9

At the Utah-Idaho border


April 3, 2017

This week has been very hectic.  I have a lot on my mind now, and there many things I could talk about.  But instead of talking about one things…I will talk about a bunch of things!

First, LDS General Conference was this week. Twice a year, our church has a church-wide conference where we receive guidelines from to our prophet and apostles and other leaders speak. This conference was exactly what I was hoping it would be. What I got out of this conference are two things:  The necessity of having the Holy Ghost into my life more (and how to go about doing that), and how to be a righteous Christ-like leader.  In almost every talk that really connected with me, I learned about those two things

Next off, #PrinceOfPeace.  (Elder Brown is using pound signs *gasp*). If y’all remember back to Christmas you might recall that our church had a Christmas initiative called #LightTheWorld. Well, it’s almost Easter, and now our church has an Easter one. It is called #PrinceofPeace.   And I couldn’t be happier with it.  As missionaries, we get to see this video a lot and I still never get sick of it.  I’ll post the video, but check out, there is a lot to this Easter celebration.  Feel free to share the video, and everything else on  I don’t think anybody will regret checking this out.

Prince of Peace Video

Okay so what has been happing in my life.  Well, not much I can talk about.  But I’ll share what I can.

There have been a bunch of floods around here, though not as much lately. All the snow turned into water really, really, really, really, really, really, really quickly!  The Bear River is over twice its width, and looks like it still might get more water in it.

There are a bunch of farm animals here now (I have no idea how they got here, they just kinda appeared) and so we get to pet the animals sometimes.  I like to play around with the goats, because they are funny.  But occasionally we get followed by dogs, which reminds me if I ever get a dog, I’m going to name it El Doggo.


*Insert cowboy pun here*


Everything is muddy now, and warm.  So, my winter gear isn’t helpful right now. And I have to constantly clean my shoes.  But one day the mud will dry.

That’s everything I can think about going on here in Fielding.  But outside of my mission…

…UNC made it to finals!  Carolina blue represent! Duke lost like it always should’ve.  Nothing can stop UNC now!!!

Also the TerrorBytes won states!!!!!!!  I can’t even explain how excited I am.  4561 TerrorBytes top tier! First states, and then THE WORLD!!!


Victory for TerrorBytes! 4561 Represent!


Also, like nobody in Utah actually knows about FRC (FIRST Robotics Competiton) and only a few missionaries actually participated in an FRC team, but they all dropped out of it before competition. So, nobody else in this entire state is excited for this total victory except me.


Even our car is celebrating! TerrorBytes Top Tier!


Until we meet again

Regards from Elder Brown