Tender Mercies



What am I thinking?

Well I’m about to turn 19.  One year older and wiser too.


Today I would like to share something completely unrelated to my birthday.  It was a cool experience that happened last month. One evening, we went over to a LDS church member’s home for dinner while I was still in North Ogden area. During dinner, we started talking a lot about heritage and the subject quickly moved into me telling this whole family about my grandfather Kepas who is from Greece.

We talked about this for most of the dinner.  It was wonderful to talk about how awesome my grandfather was. Anyways latter that Monday I learned that the dinner on that day was exactly on the anniversary of my Grandfather’s passing.  I was astonished that God gave me such a tender mercy as to remember him on that day, even if I was unaware. Regards from Elder Brown.


Panorama picture of my new area.



My Zone at the Temple.


One thought on “Tender Mercies

  1. Eaitifhl. We all loved your grandfather. We all miss him very much too. I hope and pray that Crystal can have the patience and love to care for Joyce

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