Fielding, Utah


No, that is not my car; and yes, it looks like it tried to jump the snow bank.


January 30, 2017

Hello. I figure that many people have been wondering what Fielding is like, as I haven’t spoken about since I was sent here. I decided to let myself grow into the area without talking about it first so I could figure out my bearings and learn more about this place.

First off, Fielding itself is a tiny part of my area. There are many towns in my area: Riverside, Collinston, Beaver Dam, Plymouth, Portage, part of Garland, and yes Fielding. What is odd is that all the towns are on the same grid system, expect for Fielding; it has its own grid for some reason.

[Editor’s Note: Unlike towns and cities in North Carolina, towns and cities in the Utah are plotted on a grid system, with each location having North/South coordinates and East/West coordinates. Consequently, once you get oriented it is fairly easy to find any address.]

Instead of Ben Lomund, we have Plymouth Peak (which I don’t have a picture of—yet).  It is a very distinct mountain, and it sits north of the entire valley so it makes navigation a breeze.

Unlike North Ogden East area, which was only 1 square mile, the Fielding Stake is massive. It is one of the largest mission areas in Northern Utah. We go all way from Garland to the border of Idaho. Which means I have a car.  And since I’m finishing Elder Whitby’s training, I’m doing all the driving. In the snow.  I have determined that I like walking areas better. It can get really stressful worrying about miles, and about icy roads and fog.  But I’m pretty much used to it already.

As I mentioned I am finishing the training of Elder Whitby.  Which means a lot more work, because he doesn’t know everything that he is doing yet.  So, I really have to take lead on a bunch of things, and still allow him room to grow. It’s a hard job; but it’s also a ton of fun. That is my report of this transfer so far.

Regards from Elder Brown.


I spy with my little eye…a car!


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