Snow Problem


Did I mention that I like snow?


January 9, 2017

So, this week has been a very weird week, and that is mostly because of the snow and then the lack of snow. We were forced to stay inside our apartment because the temperatures were so low it was dangerous. (Apparently). So that was weird.


And I met a turkey.

Then it started to warm up, and then rain which caused massive issues across the valley, because now we have ice everywhere once it froze.  The ice caused me to slide on my side down a steep driveway, which actually
was kinda fun. (Besides falling in my side, and losing a cookie I was holding).



I really, really like snow.

But now things are cooling down again, so more cold weather.

Not going to write much this week, but next week is transfers.  So.  It begs the question, “Will I stay or will I go?”

Regards from Elder Brown.



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