Snow and Ice


Elder Brown and Elder Richardson at a dinner appointment.


December 19, 2016

Well, this week has had the most random weather I have ever seen in my life. First it snowed, and that was great because I like snow. Then it rained. Normally I like rain; however, when there is snow on the ground and then it rains, that is a different matter. A huge amount of water gets dumped into the system all at once.

So much water.

Later in the week it snowed, rained, hailed, dropped sleet, got foggy, and much more. I believe that in one day I experienced ever kind of precipitation that there is (and being outside a lot doing missionary work I had a much more personal appreciation for precipitation than I have ever had before).


Deer in the fields.


One funny thing is that Utah has a bunch of water retention ponds all around. Usually they fill with snow or water, draining too quickly to freeze into ice. But this week the weather was so crazy that the water in the retaining ponds froze.  Elder Richardson and I had a ton of fun with that. (See Videos)

Ice Experiments, Part 1

Ice Experiments, Part 2

We also have a new investigator named Eddie. He is awesome! We found him through street contacting. Street contacting is when we stand outside with church literature and try and start conversations with people as they pass by. Funny thing is that basically nobody in the entire ward even knew he lived in the ward. And the ward he lives in is super small, so I’m really surprised by that.

The lesson we gave him really helped him understand about how he can know what we are teaching him is true. It involves prayer. (See Moroni 10:3-5). Honestly, he learned exactly what he needed to learn, but he has a hard time getting to church. We will help get him to church, so he can learn the truth for himself.  Then we will help him receive the ordinance of baptism.

Regards from Elder Brown.



One thought on “Snow and Ice

  1. Eddie sounds golden, too bad his ward members didn’t reach out to him. Glad you’re well. You’re looking good. Keep up the good work. We are having horrible air pollution here, good thing I have a mask!


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