Awesome Week


Outside the newly renovated Ogden Temple.


This was an awesome week, even though it didn’t start out all that well.

Elder Richardson had an issue and we had to go up to Logan to find a solution.  My responsibility definitely has increased.  It was stressful and things could have gone really bad, really quickly.  But thankfully they didn’t get that bad.  Overall I believe that God prepared me my entire life for this week.  Lessons I learned earlier in my life have helped me this week, if I hadn’t had those humbling experiences I might have been completely overwhelmed.  But I knew God had things under control, and he prepared me in such a way that I could help.

And oddly things here in Utah have been a bit warm. We have only had one day of snow so far, and things have stayed about 50 degrees. Apparently the warm followed me here.

But it did snow. And that was awesome!!!  I love the snow. Everybody tells me I won’t love it after my mission, but we will see.  Snow has so many wonderful traits, but my favorite is that it dampens sound, so much peace and quiet.


First snow of the season!


We also went outside of our mission boundaries yesterday—not too far—for Stake Conference at the Ogden Temple Tabernacle.  The Ogden temple is so beautiful. It recently got overhauled so it is no longer the wedding cake design. I love that building and I hope I’ll have a chance to go back one day and see the inside.

At the Stake Conference, Elder Peterson, of the Seventy came and gave several addresses. One of the things he did is promise members that if they invite us over to their homes, that they will be able to find people to share the gospel too.  So now we have 20+ lessons in the upcoming weeks.

We also invited one of our investigators to get baptized and he accepted. And we put it on the calendar. We are now working with him to help him be ready for his baptism day.


Regards from Elder Brown.


One thought on “Awesome Week

  1. good stuff, trials and stress really test our faith and help us feel of His love. The sky looks amazing, I don’t think I’ve seen a sky like that since I’ve been in China. It’s been really cold here especially in the classroom, pray for a solution!!! love ya


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