My Week in Review

October 17, 2016

This week was awesome, we got tons of lessons and almost none of them
fell through.  We actually double booked ourselves one day which
wasn’t good, but we still managed to teach both people. We also
literally had a meeting everyday

I’m going to try a new way to do my letter today, day by day analysis.

Monday:  We played a lot of speedball, (loophole basketball).  We had
great homemade lunch and dinner, which I did a great job making.  I
made myself some fried chicken, which was good.  Then afterwards we
taught a family home evening at one of the bishop’s houses in our area.

Tuesday:  We started to meet the ward missionaries for each ward to
get them pumped up. Then we went to a stake correlation.

Wednesday: This was mainly a day were we set some things up for next
week.  We also put a kid on date. So yay?

Thursday:   This was an exchange day. [Editor Note: In LDS missions, some missionaries have training and supervising duties. Elders are called district and zone leaders. Sister leaders are called sister leader trainers. One way they train and supervise other missionaries it to go out on what are called exchanges. Basically, the two supervising missionaries spend a day with a companionship and each of them goes with one of the missionary companions. In this case, Alex spent the exchange with one of his zone leaders–Elder Chang. His companion spent the day with the other zone leader]. Elder and I taught a nine year old and her entire family.  We invited her to be baptized but she
said she doesn’t know😕 (pls somebody send me the shrugging stick
figure emoticon).  Then we missed a lesson to a member, but we
rescheduled for Saturday.  Then we ended off with giving a blessing to
a less active member.  We also got to go outside our mission to do service.

Friday:  On Friday we taught a lesson to a bunch of teenagers at a
party.  And the only reason there was a party at all was because the
host wanted to have his Buddhist friend hear the discussions.  It went
great and we might see more of the Buddhist again in the future.  We
also set a lesson up with an elderly lady that we think might want to get baptized.

Saturday:  Not quite as fast paced, we basically only taught a lesson
to that family we rescheduled with, but that went great. They have a
seven year old that is extremely smart and that wants to make sure he
knows the church is true before he gets baptized.  Also we “forced”
somebody to let us do service, and she eventually appreciated it.

Sunday:  The least busy day we just went to church and did some visits
to ward leaders.

Regards from Elder Brown


Spaghetti Squash, whatever that is, displaying its evil power.




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