Dealing with Frustration


Elders Brown and Short making apple cider

So this was a awesome week, until it wasn’t.
We had a lot of opportunities to meet with our potential investigators, and we got to setup new lessons with basically everyone we wanted to.  And we were so excited, we had a lesson on Tuesday and one on Sunday.
First off the lesson on Tuesday never happened because they forgot about it and weren’t home.  Then our other lesson on Sunday fell through because the people who were going to give our investigator a ride to church decided that they couldn’t go to church that week.  And they didn’t tell us until Saturday day night when it was too late to find her another ride, and did not text back when we asked for clarification. A little tip for everyone, NEVER DO THAT.  At the end of week everything we worked hard to setup was dashed.
Besides my frustrations we had something awesome happen.  The family we had a lesson setup with Tuesday had their baby blessed at church.  That was awesome and definitely made the week for me. Moral of the story–appointments are going to fall through but you keep on working anyway.
Another thing we got to do was teach the teens about prophets. We started off with me doing my best portrayal of prophets.
Regards from Elder Brown.

One thought on “Dealing with Frustration

  1. yes, that’s a good lesson to learn. So glad the baby blessing was a real gift to you. Love reading your short and meaningful letters. They inspire me. So grateful to the Lord who allows us this mortal existence to learn all these important lessons. much love from China


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