Transfers Redux

Transfers Redux

It is that time again, time to find out where I am going, and what companion I’m going to have.

This transfer (six week period) has been amazing. I have learned so much and I have seen how patience has helped me in my mission and how the Lord has opened the doors to so much work here. I have learned so much about Jesus this transfer. I have finished the book of Mormon again and I have started the Doctrine and Covenants and the Old Testament.  I have taught the restoration more times than I can count. We scheduled somebody for a baptismal date. We worked hard to grow our teaching pool by a great deal. We’ve had to make hard choices to drop some people, and we have had misfortune along the way. However, when we went out with faith, and did our best, and had that knowledge that no matter what we can get through anything with the power of Jesus Christ’s atonement, everything just worked out in the end.

Now I’m ready to start a new part of my mission, to get to know somebody else, and to work hard wherever the Lord calls me.  I can’t say I know where I going to go, or even what is going to happen to this area, but I know that no matter what things are going to be great, because Christ knows where everyone needs to go.

Without further ado….

I am staying in North Ogden East area!!!

And my new companion is Elder Richardson, who apparently looks just like me!!!

This is going to be awesome!!!

Regards from Elder Brown





My Week in Review

October 17, 2016

This week was awesome, we got tons of lessons and almost none of them
fell through.  We actually double booked ourselves one day which
wasn’t good, but we still managed to teach both people. We also
literally had a meeting everyday

I’m going to try a new way to do my letter today, day by day analysis.

Monday:  We played a lot of speedball, (loophole basketball).  We had
great homemade lunch and dinner, which I did a great job making.  I
made myself some fried chicken, which was good.  Then afterwards we
taught a family home evening at one of the bishop’s houses in our area.

Tuesday:  We started to meet the ward missionaries for each ward to
get them pumped up. Then we went to a stake correlation.

Wednesday: This was mainly a day were we set some things up for next
week.  We also put a kid on date. So yay?

Thursday:   This was an exchange day. [Editor Note: In LDS missions, some missionaries have training and supervising duties. Elders are called district and zone leaders. Sister leaders are called sister leader trainers. One way they train and supervise other missionaries it to go out on what are called exchanges. Basically, the two supervising missionaries spend a day with a companionship and each of them goes with one of the missionary companions. In this case, Alex spent the exchange with one of his zone leaders–Elder Chang. His companion spent the day with the other zone leader]. Elder and I taught a nine year old and her entire family.  We invited her to be baptized but she
said she doesn’t know😕 (pls somebody send me the shrugging stick
figure emoticon).  Then we missed a lesson to a member, but we
rescheduled for Saturday.  Then we ended off with giving a blessing to
a less active member.  We also got to go outside our mission to do service.

Friday:  On Friday we taught a lesson to a bunch of teenagers at a
party.  And the only reason there was a party at all was because the
host wanted to have his Buddhist friend hear the discussions.  It went
great and we might see more of the Buddhist again in the future.  We
also set a lesson up with an elderly lady that we think might want to get baptized.

Saturday:  Not quite as fast paced, we basically only taught a lesson
to that family we rescheduled with, but that went great. They have a
seven year old that is extremely smart and that wants to make sure he
knows the church is true before he gets baptized.  Also we “forced”
somebody to let us do service, and she eventually appreciated it.

Sunday:  The least busy day we just went to church and did some visits
to ward leaders.

Regards from Elder Brown


Spaghetti Squash, whatever that is, displaying its evil power.



Dealing with Frustration


Elders Brown and Short making apple cider

So this was a awesome week, until it wasn’t.
We had a lot of opportunities to meet with our potential investigators, and we got to setup new lessons with basically everyone we wanted to.  And we were so excited, we had a lesson on Tuesday and one on Sunday.
First off the lesson on Tuesday never happened because they forgot about it and weren’t home.  Then our other lesson on Sunday fell through because the people who were going to give our investigator a ride to church decided that they couldn’t go to church that week.  And they didn’t tell us until Saturday day night when it was too late to find her another ride, and did not text back when we asked for clarification. A little tip for everyone, NEVER DO THAT.  At the end of week everything we worked hard to setup was dashed.
Besides my frustrations we had something awesome happen.  The family we had a lesson setup with Tuesday had their baby blessed at church.  That was awesome and definitely made the week for me. Moral of the story–appointments are going to fall through but you keep on working anyway.
Another thing we got to do was teach the teens about prophets. We started off with me doing my best portrayal of prophets.
Regards from Elder Brown.


13731797_1138510762875297_2299085616179314791_o (1)

I so glad to hear from everybody.  Monday’s are always a joy (kinda ironic). Messages of love and comfort, or just letters about my family and friends lives; all of these bring me a great deal of connection despite being so far removed from home.

This weekend has been wonderful. Hearing the words of the prophets and apostles from the perspective of a missionary has brought a new meaning to the sacred weekend. As a child I never really listened to conference before; I never put in the effort to listen. But now I can hear more clearly and feel the Holy Ghost more distinctly. Perhaps
it is the new love I found for the restoration that brought such a
deep appreciation about in me.

The restoration is the most unique part about our church, without the restoration what is our church? Just another Christian church, nothing special. But because of the restoration we have a defining event that underscores our entire church.

A question one might have is why doesn’t God speak to the world like he did in the Old and New Testament? Well, because of the restoration we know he does speak still.

Joseph Smith a 14 year old boy wanted to know what was church was true. He read the scriptures and went to nearly every church but still couldn’t find he answer. One day he read a scripture out of the bible–James 1:5, and learned that he needed to ask God. So he did and because he turned to God and asked, a vision was shown to him;
where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ both appeared to Joseph.

Through that vision and further revelation, Joseph was instructed to restore the original church of Jesus Christ, which had been lost from the earth from a long time. As part of the restoration, Joseph translated an ancient record of the precursors to the Native Americans; not by the means of men, but by go power and gifts of God.

But the restoration would have just been another story, or a cool legend, if after the death of Joseph further prophets called by God didn’t come forth. Yet the truly remarkable part of the restoration is that further prophets where called. God was not done speaking. We
are living in the restoration. It was not a single event. Rather, it is more of an era. One where God is speaking.

As we learn from the prophets let us remember that ultimately it is not a bunch of old men talking, but the living words of God.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Regards from Elder Brown.