Six Week Transfers

Sept 12, 2016  (Around 12:00 pm)

So it has been a whole 6 weeks in my mission so far.  That means that I’m am about to be done with my first transfer.  [Editor’s Note: Transfers take place every six weeks. A transfer means being reassigned a proselytizing area typically with a new companion. Not every missionary is moved every transfer. Missionaries often use the term transfer to mean a six week period of time between these events, whether they are moved or not.]

This transfer:

  • I learned a lot about how to be a missionary
  • I ate tons of awesome food
  • Two of our investigators where baptized and confirmed
  • I became better at drawing
  • I taught many lessons to many different people
  • I studied my scriptures for a minimum of 42 hours (1 hour a day)
  • I am now able to do a real, full plank push up
  • I got a perpetual cold, that never seems to go a way
  • I learned how to use an IPad, I also broke Siri
  • I found out that quesadillas can last me for 6 weeks
  • I found out that I don’t like breakfast food (okay I already knew that)

All in all this has been fantastic, and I have enjoyed it. North Ogden East has been an awesome place to stay, and there are fantastic members here.  Since I am being trained it is basically guaranteed that I will stay here in North Ogden East. But you never know, wherever the Lord calls me I am ready to go.

And now I am called to work in the…well, I guess we don’t find out today, we find out tomorrow.  I’ll inform you guys when I can.  I’m not sure if I can email tomorrow but hopefully they’ll make an exception.


Sept 12, 2016  (around 6 pm).

So President Allred actually came through and sent the mission roster out to all us missionaries.  It turns out that I’m staying in North Ogden East, and so is my companion Elder Short. Relief!

The reason the transfers info was delayed was because the new missionaries coming from the MTC were delayed. And because of that they decided not to release the roster.  But enough missionaries complained, or the mission president realized that we would basically have two P-day’s and gave us the roster, OR IT WAS A TEST.

Anyway some cool things happened this week.  We met an Irish Jehovah Witness, who we gave a Book of Mormon to and that was cool.  We also taught in primary, and when somebody asked the question, “What did Ammon do?” (If you don’t know, read Alma 17:26-39), one little girl said really loudly, “HE KILLED SHEEP!”.  That was funny, I think I should hang that quote on a wall.  (FYI, Ammon did not kill any sheep.)

Oddly despite not getting moved we are in a new district.

Also, I HAVE A CHALLENGE!  We have been asking members to pray for missionary opportunities, so I’m going ask all y’all to pray for missionary opportunities.

Have a nice day, Elder Brown

For Myles,  Raising the Roof

(Myles your legacy will last forever).



One thought on “Six Week Transfers

  1. loved the letter, even though you can survive on quesadillas for 6 weeks doesn’t mean you should, if you’re doing planks you need leafy greens. keep up the good work elder.


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