Service is Fun!

This week was fun.  I was called a janitor by a little kid.  I am
learning a lot about how to be a great missionary.  One thing that I
struggle with is that missionary work is very extroverted. I’m sorta
introverted so I struggle with opening my mouth and speaking.  But
I’ve learned that as you open your mouth and speak, things will get

The scriptures say that when you are in the service of others you are
in the service of God (Mosiah 2:17).  I’ve learned that when you serve others you
become happier; and missionary work is service. When you are doing
something selfish it is easy to become self critical or to start
shutting others out of your life.  But when you focus on serving others you
just become happier because you don’t focus on those negative things. It’s is kinda hard to explain but serving others is something everyone should do.

That’s all for this week.

Regards from North Ogden East.


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