Prayer, Faith and Walking


Hello, how are you?  I’m just fine.  Thanks for asking.

This has been a fun week.  Despite the fact that I’m still adapting to
the high altitude and the extreme dryness I have been having a great
time.  Missionary work fills you with this certain kind of joy that
really makes you be happy a lot.  Yeah I might be living on my own
(sort of not really), and I have to walk about 14 miles every day, but
nowhere else have I got to help people without having to think about
myself.  This kind of selfless service brings you happiness.  One of
the things that people didn’t talk enough about before my mission is the joy you get
from going on a mission.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that prayer is extremely important.
Maybe even the most important thing you can do each day.  Pray is a
two way communication between you a God.  Isn’t that such an amazing
concept.  That when you pray you are talking with God.  Honestly
praying and expecting an answer might be the biggest act of faith you
can do.  (Faith is believing without seeing, another good word would
be trust).  It’s no wonder why investigators who pray are more likely
to join the church because when they pray they exercise their faith.
And just like muscles, when you exercise your faith it becomes
stronger.  Faith is the most important thing for investigators and
members alike.  Without faith there is nothing.  But with faith we
have everything we could possibly want.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen


2 thoughts on “Prayer, Faith and Walking

  1. I agree, I feel so blessed that last week, after fasting I was blessed to receive an answer to my prayer. Something I have been struggling with for 3 years. I feel so good. It’s scary to go and do something great that requires boldness and courage but so glad to be on the Lord’s errand. Thank you for your testimony of good work/ faith and prayer


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